Worst to First speaks at FJCCSGA President’s Assembly

What an exciting time we had at the FJCCSGA President’s Assembly in Orlando this past weekend. On Thursday night, the DoubleTree Hotel conference room was packed with nearly 300 student government leaders from 27 colleges across the state. The energy was amazing!

To start, Bud Chiles shared the Worst To First story and the vision he has for this statewide initiative in bringing about fundamental change in the status quo for the education dynamics in the state of Florida. During the Assembly, the Worst to First team talked with the students leaders on how they can start their own Wost To First campus.

The goal of this initiative is to get one million Floridians to sign the Worst To First pledge stating they want to “Make Florida a Better Place for Florida’s Kids.” If every person will sign the pledge and find 20 other friends and family members to sign as well, to gather around this great cause, we can make a difference.

Below is the list of campuses that were present for the event. So many movements in the history of this great nation have been fueled by a spirit of youth. The future of Florida’s educational system needs to be fueled by that same spirit and is in desperate need of your vitality and innovation. We need you!

Winner of the Blog-It-All and Comment Contests

  • We would like to give a big shout out to Graham Rabinowitsch winner of the Blog-It-All Challenge! Graham posted 15 blogs in the month of September. Awesome job Graham!
  • We would also like to recognize Nate Goswick winner of the most comments for the blog entry about Plasco High Schools pledge drive. Plasco High is our current pledge drive leader. Super job to everyone at Plasco High for helping spread the word about Worst To First!

We are working on our next challenge so keep and eye out for more details!