what does dfes stand for

what does dfes stand for

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What is a Direct Filing Entity (DFE)?

What does dfes stand for
Catherine Gaunt
Tuesday, March 24, 2020
The DfE has published guidance for early years settings on Covid-19



teacher helpline

teacher helpline

Teacher helpline
Provide a free telephone helpline 08000 562 561 (UK), email support and live chat, for all teachers, lecturers and staff working schools, adult, further and higher education. Support includes information and signposting, support and coaching or counselling services. Also offer debt counselling and emergency grants. Additionally some teachers may be eligible to receive financial assistance. Support is also offered via email above, 24/7 online chat or text 07909 341229.
Support and information for ex and retired teachers

Read the latest information about nursery, school and college closures following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).
If you work in a school, you’ll need your unique reference number (URN or UK PRN ) when you contact DfE .

  • prevent a crisis from occurring;
  • reduce the impact of a crisis when it occurs;
  • help you to find solutions to problems by offering you tools to overcome difficulties in your life.

The Education Support helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s for all staff, both academic and administrative, in primary, secondary, further and higher education, and offers services designed to:

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Teacher helpline

*Department of School Education, Punjab*
*Disposal of Complaints during Lockdown*
Helpline Numbers for Admission in Govt. Schools
Sh. Gurjot Singh :: 98152-97396 || Sh. Karamjit Singh :: 81467-00538
Smt. Karamjit Kaur :: 98882-05947 || Smt. Kulwinder Kaur :: 98724-51333
Sh. Sanjeev Bhushan :: 95014-74200

Your topic will also include:
Parent and teacher sessions are made on an ad hoc basis, in collaboration with the requesting school/organisation.
Choose a topic based on your school needs.

In addition, trained counselors are available 365 days per year to talk with persons seeking assistance in coping with suicidal thoughts, depression, or feelings of loneliness and loss. Callers can press option ‘3’ when prompted.
Who can use the helpline? Everyone within our school community including: students, teachers, staff, parents, and administrators.

Teacher helpline
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Teacher helpline
After a rapid increase in registered cases of the Coronavirus in the last few days, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has urged the public not to overuse National Health Services such as 111 to reduce strain at this difficult time.
Following this, schools around the United Kingdom have been forced to close due to suspected cases of the virus, leading to general confusion as to whether establishments should remain open or send their students home. As a result of this, the Department for Education has created a Coronavirus Helpline for teachers, headteachers and/or school staff to help advise what to do if cases of the virus are suspected.

In one case, a 30-year-old middle school teacher sought professional advice about depression and suicidal urges suffered by one of her students.
Teachers sought professional advice most for students’ behavioral and mental problems, according to data from a telephone counseling service for teachers released on Friday.