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Since 1981, Education Week has been America's most trusted resource for K-12 education news and information. 1.6+ million readers. National coverage. From teachers to principals to district leaders across the country. Education Week's diverse audience turns to us for the most up-to-date information on K-12 education in the U.S., as well as innovative, high-value tools and solutions.

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EdWeek Top School Jobs
Top destination for individuals exploring education careers, from college graduates to seasoned professionals.
EdWeek MarketBrief
Premier intelligence service that dives deep into the K-12 market for business leaders.
EdWeek Leaders To Learn From
Learn from the nation's most inspiring district leaders as we explore strategies that help students & educators thrive.
EdWeek Research Center
Dive deeper into education's relevant topics with Education Week's in-house research team.

Our Mission

At Education Week, we believe that all children deserve a high-quality education. Guided by this vision, we make it our mission to empower the entire education community, from educators and policymakers to business leaders and beyond. As an expert source of news and opinion, research and analysis, events, and more, we cover issues across the field—offering deeper insights and actionable resources, so our audiences can create a stronger tomorrow for all students.

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Building Comprehensive Knowledge
Education Week is the #1 source of non-partisan, high-quality news, and insights covering the K-12 education sector. Specializing in education, the seasoned journalists on our full-time newsroom staff have worked for many of the country’s leading media outlets, including The Washington Post, ABC News, and The Los Angeles Times.

Enhanced by our thorough, independent research and analysis, the Education Week newsroom covers stories across the entire education sphere. As a result, not only do we provide content that helps district and school leaders do their job better, our work continues to be cited regularly in state and federal policymaking, including Supreme Court decisions."

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Education Week has been serving K-12 educators since 1981. Learn more about our history.
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We're the foundation, the fuel, and the force behind positive change in education. Find out how we're advancing the field.
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